The Adventures of Holly & Jolly

Throughout December we documented the adventures of two mischievous elves, Holly & Jolly, on our social media pages. The elves had been sent from the North Pole to ensure Christmas preparations were well under way and that everything was in order. We called it ‘elf advent’ as each day there was a new post showing what the elves had been getting up to. What started out as a bit of fun for us quickly turned into a morning ritual for people wondering what Holly & Jolly were going to be doing next. We received so many messages from people telling us how these adventures were giving them some much needed relief from the difficult year that was 2020. We have therefore decided that the adventures of Holly & Jolly may now become a regular occurrence at Christmas and we thought it would be nice to document last years adventures here.

December 1st

We found these two mischievous elves messing around in the Farm Shop this morning!! It seems Santa has sent them to keep an eye on us all in the run up to Christmas, but we think it might be them who need supervising!
Clearly Jolly was amused when Holly got on the scales…
Luckily they are brother and sister so don’t have to worry about social distancing! Happy December everyone

December 2nd

The elves decided to lend a hand netting up Yesterday’s Christmas tree orders, but it seems Holly took the opportunity to get her own back on Jolly!!

December 3rd

Early morning trip for feed and bedding ended in disaster when we didn’t realise Holly and Jolly had snuck into the trailer!! Don’t worry though, Holly managed to get Jolly pulled out and he’s okay…

December 4th

Early morning road trip this morning to get another batch of Christmas Trees! We thought we’d best bring these two along so they didn’t cause any damage back at the farm! All about the ‘Elf’ and Safety at Fletchers Farm so they were strapped in tight!! Holly & Jolly couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the fields full of trees, although jolly did take the opportunity to get one over on his sister…

December 5th

We couldn’t find Holly & Jolly at first this morning, which is alway worrying! However, it turns out they were busy in the Coffee Shop putting the decorations on the tree ready for opening today! Think they must’ve been feeling guilty for all the mischief they’ve been causing so far…

December 6th

Holly & Jolly were left in charge of preparing the boxes ready for the Take-Away Sunday Lunches today! Clearly they were trying to look after their friends in the North Pole, but not sure how long it will take to deliver there… They also insisted on listening to Christmas songs while they worked!!

December 7th

Looks like our mischievous elves had themselves a little party with a few friends last night… It appears they managed to have a substantial meal before consuming all that alcohol, however Jolly does seem to be throwing most of that back up… All the elves are now safely tucked up in bed and we imagine there will be a few sore heads later on!!

December 8th

Caught these two on the phone to the North Pole today, keeping Santa up to date with everything that’s going on! Although, I’m sure I overheard them blaming Mark for drinking all that wine on Sunday… Holly clearly couldn’t resist putting her brother on the naughty list – she must be hoping he’d only get a lump of coal for Christmas!!Thankfully, they have worked their magic and Santa has agreed to join us for an extra hour when he visits on Saturday the 19th

December 9th

Heard a bit of a commotion in the Goat sheds this morning, went in to find Holly clinging onto Bertie the Goat for dear life! Luckily, Jolly managed to get to her to safety with the temptation of some grass nuts and they are both okay!! When we asked what had happened, they told us they thought that the goats were reindeer and that they wanted to go for a ride like they do back at home!! Guess they won’t be making that mistake again…
*Disclaimer – No Elves or Goats were harmed in the making of these photos *

December 10th

The Elves are certainly enjoying life on the farm, and this morning they discovered Pig nuts… However, rather than help Lucy feed up, Holly & Jolly decided it was much more fun to swim in the hopper instead! We’re also guessing Holly is missing the snow as she was having a go at some snow angels in the nuts instead…

December 11th

Forget a bull in a China shop, these are elves in a pottery shop (buttercups Pottery) – sorry about the damage, Jolly just couldn’t wait to pick out which pot he wanted to paint… Fingers crossed the North Pole will pick up the tab… Also, not sure that Holly quite understood that she was supposed to paint the pottery and not Jolly’s face

December 12th

The elves discovered the gifts in the shop today and it seems they think we operate a ‘try before you buy’ policy… All was going well until Jolly decided to get his own back on Holly for yesterday’s paint incident!! Fortunately, the train ran out of battery before it did any damage and we managed to get Holly off the tracks unharmed…

December 13th

*Queue Mission Impossible Theme Song*

Haven’t been able to get these two out of the shop all weekend, what with all the goodies that are in there! Came back to check on them this morning only to find them trying to steal an iced bun!! However, this great heist didn’t end so well for poor Jolly… We’re still not sure whether Holly dropped the bun on purpose or not…

December 14th

Holly & Jolly decided to take the tractor out for a spin this morning! We particularly admire the teamwork of one on the pedals whilst one steers!! However, it wasn’t long before disaster struck and there was a little accident involving a tree… No matter how hard Jolly pushed, he couldn’t quite get the tractor back on the road, so reluctantly he gave us a call to help out! They’re still arguing now about who’s fault it was…

December 15th

We were very sceptical of letting Holly & Jolly wrap their own presents, and clearly we had good reason to be… It took us a good 10 minutes to get poor Holly unwrapped from all that sticky tape!! Jolly, of course, found the whole thing very amusing and just giggled the whole time.. It’s fair to say we won’t be making that mistake again!

December 16th

Holly and Jolly have been out helping Lucy bed up for the pigs this morning! This involves putting fresh straw down for them to sleep comfortably on. They were very helpful and shifted all that straw with some good teamwork! Clearly, they did a rather good job as we caught them having a little nap with a couple of the piggies… We thought it seemed rather quiet on the farm!!

December 17th

It seems the elves managed to find their way into the bar this morning and we were woken up by an awful racket!! Jolly clearly fancies himself as a bit of a drummer, however, I think Mark might have a thing or two to say about that… Holly sees herself as more of a singer and is now referring to herself as ‘Elvish Presley’.
Not sure she took too kindly to the feedback she received from her brother either as he swiftly found himself wedged between the Hi-Hat symbols!! We think they’re eyeing up a spot at next years Farm Fest, but they’ll need a lot more practise if they’re going to get on stage…

December 18th

Today Holly & Jolly built a Candy Cane raft and went for a trip down the ‘Sugar Syrup Stream’… They were having great fun and all was going well until they forgot to tie the raft up when they got off… One trip over the waterfall later and the raft was, unfortunately, no more! Once again, as you can probably imagine, Holly blames Jolly and Jolly blames Holly, so not sure we’ll ever get to the bottom of who’s fault it was!

December 19th

So, as Santa is visiting the farm today, Holly & Jolly took Bonnie (or as they call her, ‘Santa Paws’) out to help get the sheep in and clear a space for Santa to land his sleigh… As usual, it didn’t quite go to plan!! We overheard a conversation between the two of them which went something like this;
Holly: Aren’t the sheep supposed to be in the pen?
Jolly: Erm, Yes…
Holly: And isn’t Santa Paws supposed to help get them in here?
Jolly: Erm, Yes…
Holly: So why are we in the pen and Santa Paws is looking like she might eat us?
Jolly: Ohhhh yeah
Holly: Well you can tell Lucy we messed up!
Jolly: No you can, it’s your fault anyway…

December 20th

We didn’t get a wink of sleep last night and we even had to go and apologise to all the neighbours this morning as Holly & Jolly had all their friends round partying in the treehouse… They were making an absolute racket!! Singing Christmas songs at the top of their voices, playing party games, basically doing all the things we all wish we could be doing with friends! If you ask us, it was all rather sELFish…

December 21st

Think Holly & Jolly were inspired by seeing Santa in his workshop on Saturday and decided they wanted to try and build something themselves… They swiftly found that tools are not toys and Jolly took a whack to the hand!! Holly reckons he’s making a meal out of it, but Jolly insists she hit him on purpose and he’s been trying to get through to Santa ever since to tell him what she’s done! No luck yet though!! Little bit of swelling but we managed to get him all bandaged up and a couple of paracetamol later he’s good as gold!

December 22nd

It’s only elves n ‘orses… Holly decided she wanted to go for a hack out on Jess today and, at first, it seemed Jolly couldn’t wait to get rid of her! He helped tack up and even held Jess’s bridle as Holly got in the saddle! However, we think he got a little jealous that he was getting left behind and so decided he would try and join Holly for the adventure… Holly clearly wasn’t too keen on that idea and a swift kick sent him on his way! But unfortunately, Jolly’s foot got stuck in the girth which left him dangling upside down!! After we got his feet back on the ground, we think the blood must’ve gone to his head as he kept muttering something about being millionaires this time next year?? Holly just replied ‘You plonker Jolly’…

December 23rd

So this morning, Holly & Jolly were supposed to be helping us put together the Christmas Dinner Veg Hampers ready for collections today and tomorrow! But instead they just decided it was much more fun to play around in the mountains of veg, like the ‘Sprout Mountain’ pictured below! Once we finally got the boxes all put together, they decided they made perfect hiding places for a game of hide & seek, however, we haven’t seen them for a while… If you’re coming down to collect a hamper, you may need to double check they’re not in your box otherwise you may have a pair of mischievous elves on your hands!!

December 24th

It’s more ‘Sadvent’ than advent today, as we say goodbye to Holly & Jolly… Santa came and picked them up on his sleigh ready for a big night of delivering presents to everyone!! Although they’ve caused a lot of mischief over the past month, we’re going to miss having them around brightening up our day!! We think they’ve enjoyed life on the farm as they looked a little sad to be leaving, but I’m sure they’ll be back next year to give us the runaround once again!!