Welcome to Fletchers Farm!

Important COVID-19 Update:

So, once again we now find ourselves in a National Lockdown and, once again, we find ourselves having to make difficult decisions regarding our business. We have decided that much like March last year, this lockdown is a necessary step to getting the new strain of this virus under control and as a result feel that lockdown, unfortunately, means lockdown. We therefore must close all aspects of the business for the foreseeable future. We have taken this decision as we feel it is the safest way to ensure the safety of ourselves, our staff and our customers. We also feel it is the best way to ensure we as a business come out the other side of this Pandemic in one piece and protect the jobs of our wonderful team of staff. We will take this opportunity to complete a few projects on the farm that we have been planning to ensure we can come back bigger and better than ever before.

This means that both the Coffee Shop and the Farm Shop are now closed and will remain closed until further updates are given. This is not an easy decision to take but we feel it is the right one.

Stay safe everyone, and look after each other!