Farm Shop

In early 2017, Great Ayton was rocked by the news that School Farm farm shop was to close. After much consultation with the necessary parties, the decision to open our very own farm shop was made. This decision was made based on the proviso that we were to do something unique and thus focused efforts on dairy produce, as appose to the traditional butchery due to there already being two butchers in the village. The shop itself is made from a refurbished shipping container which has been placed in one of our old cow sheds, in keeping with our rustic farm roots.
The reasoning behind choosing dairy produce is because of the working farm we run along side our other ventures. The shop stocks produce such as milk, yoghurt, butter, cream and cheese as well as local free range eggs, delhi style meats, artizan breads, fresh fruit and veg, home-baked cakes, Jams, pickles and preserves, and frozen produce including pick’n’mix fruit/veg, pastries and ready meals. There is also a range of non-food products including toys/gifts, plants and pet/animal feed.


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